Design & Tooling

Ready to create your custom molded pulp packaging? Atlantic Pulp’s design and manufacturing team know how to meet your project demands for fast, economical, and superior packaging. As your primary source for industrial molded pulp packaging solutions, we excel at customer satisfaction. Let our consultants take on the challenge of designing a sustainable, molded fiber product for your toughest packaging job.

First Things First

We'll review the technical specifications: What are the dimensions, volumes and quantities? What are the testing criteria?

Project Estimation

At Atlantic Pulp, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality for the best value. With knowledge of the specifications, we'll provide a cost-effective estimate for your review.

We won't move any further with your project until you are comfortable with the specs, costs and your approval.

Design Finalization

Once you are ready to move forward our custom design consultants will develop a concept and create a 3-D design for your review. Once approved, the article design is finalized and made ready for the next phase: tooling and production.